Asiapac Group

Other Services

  • Act as business center for international traders and businessmen
  • Provide practical assistance and advice in trading operation.
  • Letter of Credit
  • Full set of shipping documents
  • Re-invoicing
  • Formulate and implement strategic plan in respect of the finance and taxation
  • Corporate restructuring to enhance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company
  • Prepare the company for listing in main board and growing enterprise markets
  • Provide business valuation in Hong Kong and China.
  • Provide professional services in merger and acquisitions to safeguard the interest of clients
  • With our good relationship with a number of bankers in Hong Kong, we can assist your company to establish export banking facilities
  • Handle daily operations of bank accounts and act as signatory of the bank accounts if required by the clients

In the import/export service, we can arrange your goods shipping into/out of China, we can provide import and export agent services and other services in china you need. We will follow your instructions to communicate with your business partners in China.
We will help you arranging import and export operations and something you need someone to do for you in china for your business.